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08 Jul 2024

This 2 week summer program is not just about acquiring skills in software development and music production; it’s a journey towards gaining invaluable experience, access to industry tools, and a business portfolio that shines in applications for colleges, jobs, and internships.



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What drives us

"by 2040, 70% of jobs will require some computer science knowledge."

"Our youth plays a lot of video games, most of the games that they play aren't built by us... It's important for people who look like myself to be in this field to speak for us. Anything that we consume we need to be a part of, and the IT space is one of those areas."

Kevin Epps, Founder


Kevin's Story

Kevin Epps's story is a powerful example of turning personal challenges into opportunities for community upliftment. Growing up in a low-income community, Kevin's early experiences with community outreach shaped his future. His passion for science and math, combined with his accomplishments as a Leader at Cisco Systems and ventures in music production and game development, fueled his desire to mentor the next generation. With over 12 years of experience teaching music and game development, Kevin founded Digital Brilliance Hour in 2017, a program that fuses technology and arts education, reflecting his commitment to empowering youth and fostering confidence through learning.

Our Impact

Learners reached through the education program
Serving our communities with our program
Students are served online
Number of jobs will require coding knowledge by 2040 (according to NC DPI)

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Our Supporters

DBH works with these organizations to ensure we reach as many youth as possible


"It is really fun...You can free your mind and focus on what you like to do."

"It's like finding a whole new language"

"Before I joined the program coding was a little bit hard for me and now coding is more fluid.."

Offered Learning Tracks

Game Development

Game Development

Explore game development basics, from software principles and design to coding and game engines. Learn about graphic design, 2D modeling, sound engineering, and advanced coding. Plus, master version control with Git.

Music Production

Music Production

Learn music production: digital audio workstations, sampling, beat making, music theory, audio engineering, mixing, recording, advanced techniques, genre recognition, and sound design.

More DBH

Learn more about the students and what they say get out of the program.


Sponsor A Student

We also offer the wonderful opportunity to sponsor a student. Your support can significantly impact a young learner's life, providing them with access to this invaluable learning experience.


Empower Future Leaders

Your donation empowers students in need, providing them the chance to explore STEEAM through workshops and camps, igniting their potential.


Transform Lives

By sponsoring a student, you're not just funding education; you're changing lives and building a community of inspired, educated young innovators.



The More You Know

For further information, media and sponsorship inquiries, or registration, contact us at [email protected] or (984) 206-3812.